Get in Touch Wi The Team!

It’s oor listeners that mak the programme fit it is an we ay love hearin fae you! We are here tae help you oot wi your gairdenin questions and problematic plants so please send us yir questions bi emailing the team or, even better, why nae dee a little recordin o yirsel spikkin so we can hear yir voice!

You can dee this in a number o weys:

  • You can email us wi ony written questions or voice recordings you hiv deen on your phone or computer tae
  • Send us a message through Facebook ( an type us oot a quick message. If yir on mobile you can send us an audio recordin bi pushin the microphone icon. 
  • Or why nae record your audio question richt noo by clickin the funcy button below. Nae scutter, just spik and click an yir recording will be sent tae us wi oot ony fuss!

If you hae ony problems recording yir questions, get in touch an we will help you oot!

Gie the funcy button a go! Mine tae say fa ye are an far yir fae afore ye ask the question so we ken fa we are spikkin tae on the programme! (Ye micht hae tae say aye fan it asks tae use yir microphone so we can hear fit yir sayin!)