Welcome to Grow Radio

Calling aa gairden lovers an wid be gairdeners. Whither yir a green fingered grower or a beginner wi a puckle seeds an patch o earth or a bucket, Scots Radio wants tae hear fae ye!

In a new monthly programme, to answer your horticultural conundrums, David Mitchell, Chairman of Scotland’s Gardens and a Deputy Chair of the National Trust of Scotland will join Frieda Morrison. David is on hand to offer help and advice for those who want to to reconnect with the land and cultivate and care for the flora on their doorsteps.

So, if your carrots are growing upside doon, flowers are nae blooming as they should or you’re feart to trim back that muckle hedge ootside the windae, get in touch with your questions by emailing info@growradio.com or hit the record button doon below, start spikkin an yir message will mak it’s wey directly tae us! Mine tae say fa ye are an far yir fae!

David Mitchell’s gairden:

The Hairst: 

At times we get sae busy we jist canna see the bonnie floors an colours in oor gairdens. It’s time tae stan back an look an appreciate fit we hiv.

It’s the hairst time again an the fruits are being picked an pickled – an chutneys are on the menu alang wi ither treats. Plans for the winter veggies are on the table – as weel as a master class on makin a wildfloor meadow.

So sit back an enjoy the banter an the wanner doon the gairden path again wi Dave Mitchell, Claire Patterson, Richie Werner an Frieda Morrison. Dinna pit aff – jine us.



David Mitchell

David Mitchell

The bits ye need tae ken

With 40 years of horticultural experience, which began at Threave and Inverewe, David progressed to become a Curator at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. 

He is also Director & Curator of Muddy Feet Consultants, his own environmental education company that specialises in landscape assessment, project development, horticulture, interpretation and exhibitions. Throughout his career he has advised many private clients, plus public and charitable organisations including the National Archives of Scotland, the National Galleries of Scotland, the Royal Collections Trust, the National Trust for Scotland and the Royal Zoological Society for Scotland. David has extensive broadcasting experience in television and radio with the BBC, STV and Channel Four, augmented by global involvement as an expedition lecturer for Noble Caledonia, the National Trust for Scotland and the American Ivy League Universities of Harvard, Dartmouth and Brown. He became Chairman of Scotland’s Gardens in April 2017.

Frieda Morrison

Frieda Morrison

Bits ye micht ken already

With over thirty years in broadcasting wi BBC Scotland, Frieda was invited by the Scots Language Centre, and Creative Scotland, to set up Scots Radio. Since it’s inauguration in 2013, Scots Radio has gone on to develop a unique brand in Broadcasting – it remains the only programme broadcasting in Scots in Scotland. Over the last eight years this online radio programme has developed it’ own identity and video content – and has branched out into Scots Radio Projects including the recent award winning Doric Film Festival. Scots Radio is supported by the Scottish Government.

Scots Radio has been nominated for five awards of excellence in the International Celtic Media Festival and Frieda was honoured to receive the ‘Scots Spikker’ of the year award 2019, at the Scots Language Awards at the Mitchell Theatre in Glasgow.

And now it gives us great pleasure to invite you to join us in our new adventure – our new gardening programme.  Ladies and gentlemen…gairdeners aa – stand by yir buckets – Welcome tae ‘Grow Radio’.