Temperatures may be fairly mild richt noo, but oer the last few wiks mony pairts a Scotland hiv seen a huge amount a sna an this in turn his had a significant impact on fowks gairdens.

Here at Grow Radio the gairdeners hiv been busy dealing wi the damage left by the heavy snafall in their gairdens.

In presenter Frieda Morrison’s gairden in Abeirdeenshire, willow trees which hiv stood fer near 200 years fell doon under the weight a aw the sna (pictured on previous page).

Willow trees in Frieda’s gairden afore they cam doon.

Coincidentally, the next Episode of oor sister programme, Scots Radio is aw aboot fit trees mean and their importance.

Fooiver, the sna has also brocht certain animals intae Frieda’s gairden wi rabbits using the huge sna drifts tae launch themselves intae her gairden.

This along wi the mony birds which hive been gaun intae her gairden for a weel needed feed in the difficult conditions.

Feeding the birds is of course important richt noo as the cauld temperatures are likely tae continue oer the next couple a months!

A bonnie pine tree in Frieda’s gairden.