In oor sister programme’s gairden several auld willow trees fell under the weight o the huge amount o sna which fell earlier this month.

This wis a sad moment as the trees hive stood there for almaist 200 years in the Scots Radio gairden an trees can be o a great importance tae fowk.

The damage tae een o the fallen willow trees.

As ye can see fae the photies, the sna can be pretty destructive an its gaun tae be a time consuming job tae remove their remnants fae the gairden.

The next episode o Scots Radio is coming oot soon an will be discussing the importance o trees in aw oor lives as we near Spring time.

Mak sure you tune in and fairwell tae the poor willow trees in the Scots Radio gairden.

Bonnie sna drops in the Scots Radio gairden.