Aifter hearing the first episode, George T Watt o the Scots Leid Association got in touch tae share a puckle o his poems an tae let us ken foo muckle he enjoyed listenin tae Grow Radio.  

George, fa said he “fair enjoyed the programme” an it “wis like a breith o fresh air”, sent ower his poem “Blaw Wee Daffie Blaw” an a recordin o him recitin iss an his ither poem, “Slugs”, aifter hearin us spikkin aboot daffies and problem slugs in epiosde one.

Hae a read and listen o “Blaw Wee Daffie Blaw” doon ablow an listen tae George recitin “Slugs” at the tap o the page!

Blaw Wee Daffie Blaw

Blaw wee daffie,
blaw yer chanters
agin the win an snaw,
fit unkind haun
made ye yella
fan wi rid’s brave hert
ye gie yer best?
Blaw fan the hert
greets sair o chuave,
the wame hungert o meat
an the cruel nor-east
is fu o sleet,
blaw wee daffie blaw,
turn awa the dull coorin day,
turn awa the doom cooart jauk
ye gowden pipes a sonsie jig will blaw
an wee maun dance whaur syne ye grow,
blaw wee daffie,
blaw till we yowk yer smeddum hert
an haud it tae oor doo keeled kists,
blaw till oor lugs tingle
an oor rosie eed vision
brobs oor howpit shouders
straucht an true.